#startup a brand in Italy?

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personal experience and knowledge.

1 Start from the street selling experience, create a concept different from other but easy to understand. Inspire.

Why street selling? you basically have no fixed expenses but just little capital to invest on license, design shop and objects.

Find the right spot, tour the city to find your target (be aware of restrictions). It can happen that your objects don’t find the right audience.

2 Create Followship. People start to ask you for partnership getting attached to the concept, built a reliable brand offline and online. Figure out what you wanna comunicate to the world.

Trip was a touring shop 2.0, linked to eco design  zero impact. The object that represented the brand  became a bamboo watch, bamboo is a very eco and low impact environment material.

Choose the right people, set up goals, find your space and maybe a company:)

find the right people to work and collaborate.

When you are about to reach success 90% of the people that surround you want you to fail, 8% of the people wanted to do the same and 2% are willing to help you. 

4 Move from the street spot to shop spot.

 “Partnership is what keep the product alive and a way of marketing the product” 

Things get serious take decisions and set risk level.

More you move forward more the investment grow: people, marketing and production, but the highest investment is on people’s time and even your time, time is money.

6 Investor will look for you as well has other brand with a distribution.

“Tripgoodfellas sold 1000 pieces before been distributed with woodmi”

You never know what to do util you do….

my story end here, whats your brand story ?

to be continued…..




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